Someone told me some time ago,      “To prepare for the future,    we have to equip ourselves with complete knowledge.   We can use this knowledge to find solutions to the many problems we will be facing and have to solve  –  be it emotional or physical”.      How very true this statement is.

Of late we have been listening quite a lot about   ‘total education’ .     I believe this is the result of us suddenly realizing that our children should and must be equipped with enough knowledge to prepare them for the future.

Many believe that education   or   the learning process of our children   must be   properly planned and implemented.   It must be complemented with the right perspectives and approach,    if we want to realise our aspiration of ensuring that they will have enough  to help them in their future lives.    Education should never be taken for granted or  ‘politicised’ ,    they added.    It should be looked at professionally.    That is,   if we are really keen to see the success of our future generation.

Many feel that it is not enough for the children just to   ‘bag’   many A’s and B’s  in their examinations,   while they don’t really enjoy learning  and  that they hate the subjects they are confronted with.     They feel that   ‘bagging’   excellent grades does not mean that the children are already educated.     Probably they,   the children,   are being told a thing or two about the reasons whey they have to pass  with   ‘high perfomance’   marks.     Or they do it just to please us,  their parents.    We must look beyond this.    We have to look deeper  into the    ‘pros and cons’   .     In other words,  we have to understand our children.     We have to care for them.    We have to be sensitive to their needs,   their capabilities  and  their capacities in learning.    We have to know their strengths and weaknesses.    We have to get them interested to learn  and   ‘dig’   for knowledge.       Providing them with  good food,    expensive clothing,    plenty of pocket money,   a mobile phone,     may be the right approach to some,    but if we look at it in the long term,    these will destroy their desire to  learn  …..  and of course their future.      A  close friend added,   ‘They shouldn’t be pampered,   and they shouldn’t be forced to learn.     But they must learn.    They have to learn the right way   and  in the right atmosphere’.

I personally believe,    to go for knowledge there are a few criteria and guidelines to follow.     One must have the willingness and eagerness to look for it.    If we  do not have these,   then we will not do it.    There must be a very strong reason for what we want to do.    We must have an objective.

We have to understand that the search for knowledge is important,    as what we experience today is actually the beginning of a bigger task,    because knowledge is dynamic.    It is not static.     It moves and develops  every hour of the day.     Today’s new discovery or theory  will  be obsolete by tomorrow.     Therefore the search goes on and on.

This we have to understand.

The complete and total education  that  we are now discussing,    is the sure way of searching and getting knowledge.   It is the answer  to  our on going effort  to  ensure that the future generation  will  have enough to face the many trials and tribulations   that they may come across.

In this respect,    we have to understand this concept of     ‘total education’  .     We have to know its meaning and what we have to  do to get involved with it.     And most importantly,    our children must be exposed to it.

Logically,    total education would mean that the learning process should be approached totally.    To our children,   each subject  must be looked  at  from all angles.     They have to look at it analytically   and   critically.    They must understand why  they have to learn the subject.    What is its relationship to their daily life?    And how can they make use or apply what they learnt?     In other words,    they have to be introduced to the subject properly  so that they will know it.    Then we will have to make them understand about it.    This will help them like the subject   and   be interested in it.    After that,  they will find more information about it themselves.     I must confess,    I am not an educationist,   nor am I a teacher,    but I feel this is what  we  as  parents  can  and  should do   to help our children understand the meaning of learning,  better.

This brings me to the most important role of us parents,    that is we have to care for our children.    Guide them,   and certainly not to leave everything  to the  teaching community   to handle their learning prosess   and  their future.    After all,   in any given day  they spend more time with us   –   their parents.


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